Olifructine™ Organic Agave Fructans is a natural food ingredient obtained by steam diffusion from the pineapple-like core of the agave plant. Agave Fructans are prebiotic fibres that enhance the dietary fibre content of food and stimulate the gut health.

Olifructine in powder

Olifructine™ in powder is a versatile and natural food ingredient composed by Organic Agave Fructans (Agave Inulin). Agave Fructans are prebiotic fibres that stimulate the gut health. It is in powder presentation and is highly soluble to easily implement in your food and beverages.

  • Soluble fibre
  • Natural Prebiotic
  • Low Glycaemic Index
  • Allergen Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan




Iced and hot drinks

Frozen Desserts

Dairy Products