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Adequate intake of dietary fiber is associated with digestive health and reduced risk for heart disease, stroke, hypertension, certain gastrointestinal disorders, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers.

According to consumer research, the public is aware of the benefits of fiber and most people believe they consume enough fiber. However, national consumption surveys indicate that only about 5% of the population meets recommendations, and inadequate intakes have been called a public health concern.


Therefore, we can observe that there is a gap, a fibre inteke deficit in most developed countries. Most of them are far from reaching the minimum amount recommended by the WHO, which is 20g per day for women and 25g per day for men. But even so, this level is only the minimum, to have a better lifestyle is recommended a higher consumption of dietary fibre, of 30 or 40g per day.

In addition, a benefit has been observed in the direct connection between the intestine and the central nervous system that impacts emotional and cognitive functions (for example in how we feel, our mental well-being, our perception, creativity and memory).

Fiber is found in a lot of foods naturally, such as sprouts, oats, seeds, fruits and vegetables. However, today's consumers also want fibre in other products that they consume conveniently, such as snacks, drinks and bread, thus conveniently improve their lifestyle.

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